1. Recording went so well today with Jim, Keith @_suezz & @androganon

  2. Spring Reverb Visualised

  3. WALK WITH ME by Dwight Sykes and Jahari

    Louwheeez just sent me this song. Looks ancient, but seems the guy is still making the music and videos at home and releasing them on his youtube channel. Check em out!

    (Source: youtube.com)

  4. Fuckin… yas man

  5. Golden Ratio

  6. Small, fits in a large suitcase, built to give aural pleasure around the globe,

  7. I actually cannae believe this works with colour and everything.

  8. THE super VHS Monoganon experience begins this saturday

  10. Dragonfly Whisperer

  11. @GlasgowCC please answer him

  13. I had an Unnaturally Deep Sleep after #howlinfling

  14. M O N O G a n o n
    in a Supernatural Habitat


  15. VLOG #5: where I show off my slow swedish, kushty life and sarcastic narrative of what it might feel like living far away.